SMC London Meetup – social media events

The Meetup on Thursday was brilliant – exactly what I needed: to sit down after quite a stretching day of business ethics training and relax with interesting people. I am glad I managed to have coffee with Chris before that so we could both meet rest of you guys! The place was packed but our little, quiet corner was just perfect for networking and chat. I shared my dilemmas on podcasting with podcast specialist, Janet Parkinson, and thanks to her encouragement I am digging the topic:) Fiona Cullinam, Billy Abbot, Anthony proved to be really cool people with great ideas! And every one else I talked too, of course!:) I had a sec to talk to Matt, the organiser, about the idea to keep it up as a monthly meetup (next up scheduled for the 20th of Nov) and I hope to be able to attend most of the meetups. It’s fun!:)

More info here.

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