Our first session at the Wantage Library

…was so quiet! 🙂 I have trained, practiced and worked as a teacher but I have never ever worked with such a well behaved, quiet group! ‘Why are we whispering?’ asked Dawid on the way out of the Library. ‘I don’t know but it feels right’ – I responded.

We had a lovely session today with a lot of work done. And I am happy to see some of our guests working on inspirations from not just our cards but also books, even the library itself (books labyrinth by Frank in the bottom right corner below). I am not sure how about them, but I really really loved the session! Results below:



We would like to say a big thank you to the staff of our Wantage Library for this great opportunity and all their support today! 🙂

Books that inspired us today: 2

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