Lucky to be aware

We are so lucky to be educated and informed through our work and friends about the pandemic – stayed home since early February until now, but still only venturing out to remote locations early in the morning, before the crowds of people (who sadly do seem to believe their government has their wellbeing at heart and pandemic is pretty much over).

Sadly, today noticed listening to the news that they now encourage us to go back to work to save the economy they mostly benefit from. I find it deeply disturbing when leaders show such ruthlessness and put money before human lives. Escaping to open spaces, meeting trusted friends and practising gratitude for a life which allows us to stay at home is the only way I can manage this.

Today instead of a short coffee, we have committed to a morning hike because it was relatively empty and because the sea realigns me with the ancient truths. It’s exactly where the sea meets the skies that eternity lies – a great reminder of all the death we see due to bad leadership but also courage and care of those who stand by life. So lucky to have the access to the right type of information to navigate this space and stay as safe as possible.

Taking deep breaths before the next stages, it’s obvious they want us to forget the virus so autumn and winter will be hard. I dread the general public narrative normalising deadly virus, but it’s coming. So topping up my resilience mechanisms as much as I can. Preparing. If it does not work collectively, we are left looking out for each other in our small tribes.

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