Fog and Twitter

Lovely fog this morning, making my early and slow morning rather mystical. Loved the slow early wake-up, dog cuddles and family chat. Planned my reads and picked up a book. All chilled… and then noticed on Twitter another conversation about leading cyber-psychology researchers who were used for the Guardian article again. The article is demonising the use of screens by children and fails to quote the full context of what researchers shared. Even in times of Twitter, mainstream media still manage to position screen time use as the key threat to our wellbeing, instead of focussing on free access to online schooling – which is our real issue in 2021. It breaks my heart to see such talented, hard-working researchers being used to reinforce half the century-old myth of screen time. We know it is not true. We know screens are not detrimental to our health. Some of us know at least. And yes, this is political. There goes my calm… but I guess it’s also important to be angry about this because this narrative causes harm to families who need laptops, parents who need to choose between buying food and paying for Internet to provide access to online education for kids… So much work still to be done. So much work.

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