E-Society – Government Transparency in Macedonia and the region

I would like to start with expressing my gratitude for the invitation to the Matamorphosis Fundation. The E-Society conference help on the 1st of December in Skopje was my second occasion to learn more about new media and technologies in the region. Last year we talked about various aspects of new media, this year we focussed on government transparency – obviously topic I am increasingly interested in. Myself, I presented (within terrifying 6 minutes!;)) Technology for Transparency Network, but more importantly, I learned a lot of insights about the current state of government transparency – and that from the personalities and companies working directly WITH the government. It is truly amazing how the organisers managed to get onboard so many people involved in current and planned changes within the governmental bodies and local authorities leading to greater civic engagement via online channels. There were moments of scepticism (talking about collecting data and easy access to forms does not equal open data) however I was really happy to see and hear the ideas and investments made by the government of Macedonia and neighbouring countries. A real eye opener! I so wish we could have an equally impressive set of guest at Barcamp Transparency UK in 2011! I am also happy to be back with wiser head and yet another project to document for our network.


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