Asha’s story – week 3

Week three of Asha’s stay in the UK started with a visit to Oxford to meet Prakhar again and start planning Asha’s trip back to India (it’s such a short stay, I could not believe we were talking about that already). Prakhar showed us around the Oxford Union so Asha could get a sense of Oxford University. She also experienced heavy rain! We popped into the cinema and watched La La Land! – great fun for music and dance fans, like her;)

Back home in Wantage it was all about meeting Dawid’s school friends, studying English and walking Poppy to the allotment. Asha really enjoyed playing with the dog and walking in the field!

The week was busy – both kids spent it learning – so on Friday, I took them both to Oxford to the Ashmolean Museum (historically the first private collection open to the public in the UK) for their open evening. Just the trip to town on the bus was fun! Then walking around, chasing pigeons, enjoying noodles and meeting up with Dan.

The Ashmolean Museum is quite big so it took us two hours to walk around and participate in various evening activities. Despite being really tired, all of us enjoyed it. Even the rain on the way back home!

For the third weekend of her stay, Asha travelled up to London and stayed with Ulrike’s friend, Anne-Marie. Anne-Marie showed her around London so I think Asha has a very good understanding of the capital now.

Tired but happy she came back to Wantage and the very same Sunday joined us for supper at Dawid’s friend’s house. We had a wonderful supper topped with a home-made cake with strawberries and cream and a dose of Dobble – brilliant game for learning English.

Asha’s third week was more focused on learning English and a lot of about the UK. I am really grateful to all out friends who stepped up, joined in and helped us make this week so lovely.


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