2016 Festival Programme

2016 Festival Programme sent to print

We are extremely happy to let you know that we have now finalised information about the 80 events that will be featured in our 2016 printed programme.

Please note that we will use it also to promote all other, newly registered events so do spread the word and encourage your friends to continue registering their events with us.

Our event registrations are open until 11 June 2016 so please keep sending your new events to us.

In the meantime you can download the electronic version of our printed programme here.

We are fundraising with Waitrose – please support us!

You might have seen us in the title of the middle box of green tokens at Wantage Waitrose.

We are extremely happy that our fundraising application was approved and we are spending all May collecting little green tokens – please, if you are shopping or grabbing your morning coffee there, do leave your green tockens in our box.

This will help us help you all run your amazing events!

Thank you to Waitrose and to all of you who already supported us this way!

Keep them coming!

Thank you to Oxford Mail for supporting us!

One of our major challenges is communication – we aim to reach as many local residents as possible to promote the wonderful events registered this year. So we are extremely happy to see that our local media outlets are reading our newsletters and share our calls to the public.

Please check out this recent Oxford Mail article for example.

Thank you to Oxford Mail and all other local media outlets for all their support!

Volunteer for us!

We are all volunteers and we would love you all to join us. Our event organisers will need help during the festival and we will need a bit of your help too. It’s a great opportunity to move out, socialise a bit and have fun during our Festival events.

To find out more please join us at 19.00 on Thursday 26 May at the Vale and Downland Museum.

This briefing meeting is open to the public and you don’t have to RSVP – just join us then and there. Thank you!

We would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to KA Academy, Sue Cronin and to our digital volunteers who are doing great job preparing for the Festival.

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