When someone makes you a cup of coffee – ActionAid UK Blogger Tea Party



    I start to realise that I will post on this blog not more than few times a week because there is so much I need to DO to be able to share my experiences with you – I simply do not have time to sit down. I am taking notes on paper, on my phone, on photos…

    Like this one above. It was taken on Thursday in a blogger event organised by ActionAid UK in London. I was asked to join (mainly mummy) bloggers and present my top blogging tips, which even though felt a bit awkward went pretty well. We had a great discussion about the notion of paid or unpaid blog reviews, trusted voice and the need to tell stories. I am really happy to see that other bloggers nodded when I asked if their blogging changes their lives – if anything, My Little Coffee Blog is changing me immensely! 

    It was really good to learn about the work with child sponsorship, women issues and community development from people who were there, on the ground. This charity is doing great work not only on the ground but also in building the relationships between donors and kids. I could not stop but wonder if one day I could actually travel to few locations of their work and blog about the work their doing. I would love to dig into the topic of coffee production and fair trade. Actually, I think that the seed of going to at least one ActionAid UK location is already planted in my head…

    I was privileged to meet many wonderful bloggers who proved to be really creative when it comes to suggestions on how social media can help the ActionAid UK’s cause. So good to sit in one room with similarly minded people! 

    It was good to see so many ActionAid UK employees actually joining us at the Tea Party. I left with a memory of something extremely simple, but really humane and kind – one of the ActionAid UK girls made me a coffee. As opposed to the tea placed on the table one had to ask for a cup of coffee to be made for them – which also meant that each cup was fresh;) It’s the fact that someone bothered to do it for me…the idea of preparing a drink for someone else…it is something I would like to investigate more. Coffee is so embedded in our every day lives that I am sure that we have many small stories of really emotional moments with coffee. If you do – let me know! I would love to hear them!