“To explain what ecogon is, you just have to think of a piece of nature in your pocket.

Sounds strange, but that’s what Ecogon is about. A portable miniature ecosystem of hexagonal tiles.

It also is a board game of course, which can be used cooperative or competitive. The rules of this game are quite easy which makes it usable for educational purposes. But easy rules doesn’t mean, that its an easy game. You have to figure out where best to place the tiles to establish as much animals as possible in your little ecosystem. On top you get some event-cards which will change and damage your perfect sophisticated system.

The good thing: you don’t need to know anything about nature before. But after you cant avoid to know more about your environment.”

We had the opportunity to test ECOGON in our club. We love it!

Here is what our session attendees think:

Can be played in several ways at varied levels of difficulty and complexity for varyingnumbers of players and age range (from young children to adults).
Teaching aid – environment, eco-systems, nature and conservation, as a language teaching aid (e.g. English speakers using the German version of the game).
Teaches a range of skills from planning and strategy to organisational skills, thinking ahead, using tactics to achieve an objective, contingency planning and teamworking.
Wonderful design and packaging.
I’d buy an English language version of it and would be happy to be a guinea pig to test it  when it’s available.
Everyone loved the look and feel of the game, thought it was really beautiful.
Great design, a lot of fun for kids and parents, really educational – makes you re-think your approach to nature!

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