Volunteering and its benefits

I attended the Wantage Mayor’s Reception for Volunteers last night on behalf of the Wantage Summer Festival with mixed feelings. It was really nice to see so many lovely people giving up their time for the town. It was lovely to see the Town Council saying their thanks to all of us too. But I was also aware of the fact that soon, very soon, the time I have invested in all my voluntary work (almost half of my available work time at the moment!) will have to be redirected towards very active studies.

It’s really difficult to make life choices and I am glad that I have completed the StartupCamp.com academy which gave me really good tools to make choices related to my personal and work life (and work-life balance in general) but the idea of volunteering will always remain really tempting. There are many health benefits of volunteering (socialising, improving our self-esteem but also resilience, sense of purpose and pure happiness when work gets done), and I really hope that when I take a step back, it won’t be for long. I also know that I will strongly recommend it to all my future clients!

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