I initially wanted to spend the summer only on ecotherapy and healing but seeing how many people and organizations around me move away from pandemic without taking any stock, I am finding an inner need to slow down and look deeper into trauma. I spend so much time in the academic literature I thought I’d dip into this one to align my reading with her new Apple TV series. Watching the first episode, I cried like a baby not because of my own multiple traumas but because I was in Clarendon House once attending a thank you even for a fundraising guide I wrote for the Prince’s Charities and I experienced it as silent sadness, actually. So much suffering and so unspoken… I personally am pretty open about my mental health, I was raised in a dysfunctional home but had an amazing father, brother, men, and women around me who created a vulnerable, open cycle of safety. So I was one of those lucky ones who had enough roots to grow. So these days, I cry when I meet people who have no idea about their suffering, face it, and who open up to the opportunity of healing. So blessed to be able to study and work in this field.

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