Thank you for your support in 2015


I would like to use this opportunity to say thank you for the support you have all given me in 2015. I would also like to say a special thank you to the few people who played a very important role in my life this year.

Dawid, my son – as every year I have learned so much from you. You know this world much better than I do but this year I have seen you overcome all those pre-teen insecurities with such grace and patience that I wish I was like you. I am not, but I am learning. Your almost stubborn need to ‘get it all right’ and be the best at everything really overwhelms me sometimes and I am not sure how to tell you to slow down. Actually, maybe you are right. Maybe we should not slow down? I cannot wait to see what 2016 is going to bring for you – you will be 10, you’ll start walking home from school and manage your own friendships, little secrets and school reality even better. I feel your life speeding up so much that I had to start writing up all our moments now. 2015 for me was a year of remembering your first ten years of life, a nice way of preparing for the next decade. Thank you for sharing it with me. Thank you for understanding when I am tired, upset and impatient. Thank you for the hugs, for love, for evening giggles every single night.

Dan, my husband – I know it was a very hard year for you, so much happening at work and at home. Still, at the end of the day, you’d come home and help me with that one line of code…or two…or two hours of coding in fact. ‘Always happy to help’ – I really don’t know how and why you have so much patience for me. You are my rock. Thank you.

Linda – you are such a wonderful friend, I have no words to describe the impact you had on me this year. My friend, my mentor, my honest adviser, my inspiration. I want to be like you when I grow up so I am so so so lucky to share the now with you. You are always one step ahead, so calm and so supportive. Always finding the right words and the right silence. You make me feel calmer and more confident in my goals – you make me regain the faith in the vision I have allowed myself to forget. Thank you.

Krysia – my angel. Your kid words. Your humility. Your patience. Your attitude towards life and the challenges it throws at you is just so inspiring. I always have to correct my views after I talk to you – you simply bring the best out of me. The quiet. The introvert. Also the happy. The adventurous. Thank you.

Kath, Enas and Dana – dear lovely mums who help me manage Dawid’s personal life but also support me on my journey of motherhood. You all understand the challenges of raising a child and running my own business, building a new life and so much more at the same time. Thank you for being so extraordinary – you are all my superheroes. Thank you.

Sarah – thank you for your gift of listening and for the gift of gifts – your book (you said it was a simple present) meant so much to me. You know sometimes little things matter the most. You have shown me another side of me and made me realise that there are women out there who share my passion for my own space. It had a great impact on my confidence in 2015. Thank you so so much!

Gabriela – you are my hero. I really look up to you. Your patience and your kindness inspire me so much. I am glad that we have worked together in 2015 and cannot wait to see what 2016 might bring. Thank you.

Graeme – thank you for believing in my vision for the Pixel Club and for owning it in your very own, personal way. Thank you for making time to discuss its future and for helping me see the kid inside of me too. Thank you.

Ildiko, Zoee and Jodie – thank you for giving me the family I thought I’d never have. You are my little miracles. Thank you.

Dale – it’s funny how social media algorithms helped me discover your work just when I really needed a new mentor in the area of startups. You are exactly the push I need at the moment and thanks to you I could accept the fact that my work at, at Minecraft Club and Wantage Summer Festival is not done yet. I had to review my plans for the next few years but in a good way – my vision solidified and I have found the language and the tools to explain it to my friends and engage them in my vision. Thank you.

I have come along way in changing my habits and adjusting my life to the new life – a life of peace, gratefulness and hope. I had to say goodbye to many friends who were courageous but also abrupt and very often lost in their ways – my new ways did not agree with theirs. I spent a lot of time in 2014 reviewing my ways and finding new paths so I am really really grateful that in 2015 I could start sharing them with people who are patient and kind. Some of my old friends stayed and adjusted with me. I thank you all – old and new friends. You are making my days sunny. Every day.

I would also like to thank my online friends, colleagues and all readers for respecting my openness and supporting my journey. With little likes, reads, shares, comments – every single response matters a lot.




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