Selfish genes and other literature

Preoccupied with counselling studies and related reading, I am trying to cut down on going out at the moment. Yesterday, however, was a special evening for me. I was invited to attend an evening conversation with Richard Dawkins, the author of “The Selfish Gene”. I cannot believe it’s been 40 years already since the book was published and shaped our view of genetics, evolution, and memetics too! I remember reading it in high school (I was then fascinated with the emerging field of genetics). I made perfect sense. Later, reading Richard Brodie’s “Virus of the Mind” helped me a lot with a good understanding of the social web too. I used both theories at work for years! I was really impressed with Dawkins last night. It’s so lovely to be able to live close to Oxford and just pop out for an evening with someone who influenced me so much.

On the other hand, I was also critical. A lot has changed since his theory emerged and I am now going back to learn all the theories that came after his. I missed out on at least ten years of psychology only now and again picking up a book to read for fun. As part of the reflective process, I have to acknowledge that I need to go back to basics. I had a look at the Oxford Univesity offerings and did find a good “Introduction to Psychology course”. I think it will help me revise before I start practicing therapy. I also think it will help me identify the gaps in my knowledge. In the UK, a practicing therapist has the responsibility to develop and study, but before I get there, I want to ensure I join the industry prepared.

With social media, I was there when the second wave blogging emerged in 2014, and so it was natural for me to see it develop – while I worked with it too. I have a good, linear, historical understanding of social media which in the current, quite hectic world, helps a lot. I want to feel similarly confident in my therapeutical skills and knowledge too. Besides, studying is fun. Going to events and listening to the legends of our childhood is fun too.

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