So UK is leaving the EU, the Article 50 was triggered. I should be really worried and sad. But I am OK.

There are two things I am noticing in this rather difficult time full of life challenges: I am finding a great comfort in groups that are equally affected by the same problems and in my ability to switch off and find a bit of bliss in my daily life. Brexit is bringing me closer to similarly minded people. Problems with studies are shared with students. Problems at home with family. I am not alone in my worries and troubles and so those feel a bit lighter too. I think about self-care a lot these days as it is one of the core requirements for a practicing counsellor. Can I establish a lifestyle in which my personal life challenges can be managed so that they won’t affect my work? Can I achieve a state in which I will be able to help others regardless of my own circumstances? Maybe it’s not a state but set of skills and habits? As we practice counselling sessions I am slowly realising that a lot of this work I have done already, actually. In preparation for my course, I made time for studies, I introduced happy habits (switching off screens, focus on hobbies, spending time with people who are uplifting and caring) and learned to give myself a quiet mental hug when things go wrong. I am still struggling with sleep nowadays but I do not feel like I am buried with challenges of life – I actually think I am maintaining a good balance. And so if in a period of life when almost all areas of my life are heavily affected, I can still do that, then I will probably be able to do it in easier times too.

So I continue to dream of sunny days. I take my dog for a walk to the allotment and enjoy getting my hands dirty. I love flowers. I listen to the birds. I breathe in the hot air from above my morning coffee cup and say it out loud: I am OK. It’s all OK. I am doing my best and that’s enough. I am hopeful!

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