On grief

Grief comes in waves.

Triggered by something small, trivial, like a memory or a date. Small at first, gentle, like a small cloud on the horizon…

Then it grows in magnitude, darkens and you know that no matter what life faces you with…it is there, still…

And when the life finally awards you with a quiet moment grief takes over, spins you around, pulls under the surface (where there is hardly any oxygen, light or sound) and spits you out…

If you are lucky, you shed a tear or two.


Grief for people who are still here is unpredictable, endless, hard to comprehend or estimate. It’s hard to relate to. It provokes undefinable feelings – emptiness, but not so…

It dries the skin on our cheekbones.

It kills our sense of time.

It reminds us more of death and solitude than the dead themselves.

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