Notes from our second session and trip to the Vale & Downland Museum


I have waited to blog about the second session because our second, Blue group needed a bit more time – it started a week later. To catch up we have invited all club members to a field trip to the local museum to investigate range of materials used to build and decorate Wantage. Using our own, Minecraft themed treasure hunt game, we have asked our club members to look for items made of glass, stone, coal, metal and wood but also to search for museum specific items – bones, rats, jewellery, armour and fossils. Everyone was so busy! (We will use this trip next time we meet – in our third session dedicated to mining, crystals and physics.)



The Blue group joined us for their second session and worked on maths and crafting. Our club members spent 15 minutes designing their shed with a roof and a crafting table but each design was unique and very inventive! What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!


Finally many of us met online again, in our Realm. This time it was a bit busy so we had to work out how to behave, help, build together and finally join one of our members for a virtual dinner – which was a lot of fun! The slide below pretty much sums it all up;)



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