My 2017

#2017bestnine was a busy hashtag this year and I am noticing that many people posted those visual annual reviews way earlier than in the past, some even before Christmas. I am still trying to oppose the trend of earlier and earlier celebrations so my best nine visuals were posted today.


This year was really busy and a lot has changed in our lives. I finished a school. Moved home. Re-connected with close friends. Started new studies. Re-connected with reading more than ever. Still loving nature and dog walks.

I do have my shoeselfie #2017bestnine too because those images remind me to be grounded in reality and aim for the stars;)

I had wonderful moments over coffee, tea, hot chocolate and those photos always remind me of the friends and family I am blessed to share those wonderful times with.

I have spent some time on a creative Instagram project too. @Mylittlecoffeeblog is a reminder that little treasures are all around us, we just need to stop and remember to be playful, childish but also grateful for nature. I used to bring small tokens of it home when I was a kid and this year I started to do it again. But when home I would drink a cup of coffee and capture the moment for this Instargam account.

But the entire year was full of flowers, fruit, trees…we said goodbye to our lovely allotment 108 and started 2018 with a Bristol allotment application, although I am told this can take a while. I cannot wait for spring because our new home has a lovely garden too. We were lucky that we could bring most our plans from Wantage to our new home. This year I focused on plants, fruit, and veg from my childhood. I grew blueberries, wild strawberries, apples even. I grew plants that in the past would be so exotic – like passion fruit for example. It always makes me happy to create those new forms of life.

And finally, the most important development of this year was reading. I was always reading but since university, I did not really make time for it so now I am back to a lot of reading due to my studies. Like with any other habit, the more I read, the more time I find for it. I read a lot about death and love this year. I wonder what core topics for 2018 will be. We will see, but I think 2017 was so rich and so much has shifted that I will carry all those moments in me for quite a long time.


Thank you to each and every single person who made this year so rich and who was there with me and my family.

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