Let’s talk about injustice!

This post is a part of Get Lippy series, the result of ActionAid UK’s campaign involving bloggers. Today I would like to talk about injustice, probably once again because somehow my day has evolved around it. I work in social media marketing, fairly competitive industry and I very often tend to be misjudged by people who ring me simply in order to support their own views (no, if you join Facebook you cannot assume people will not comment and if they do, start deleting all opinions – yes, it is wrong –  no, you do not really have to be on Facebook etc). I get frustrated, helpless. Looking at it from a different point of view, it is extremely difficult not to misjudge people, especially if they pretend to be someone else just to trap us into the situation without the light at the end of the tunnel. There is no way one can predict the danger there… My son keeps on telling me I am not fair on him, as he feels the pain of having to follow the rules, my rules. My own teachers from high school would probably say that life is not supposed to be fair at all. Yet, there is so much we can do to make it a little bit more just. Start by clicking on this link and checking out what ActionAid UK has to offer. Sometimes I wonder if we will be able to visualise the amount of injustice on the map of our globe in one colour to be able to measure it against the intensity and volume of change for good. I do not think I am a utopian, but I would like to see those two trends, real time, in colours, based on location. Sometimes I think the pot of work is bottomless, which really makes me sad. And then miracles like Ali’s recent release happen, and I am hopeful again!

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