Le Web London Day 1


Le Web is in London now – today and tomorrow. The first day was very exciting and if you want to see the full write up of all major session, please check One Man Blog. I would like to share my personal insights:

1. The event itself – I am impressed with the organisation, design, food, expo – all areas and aspects of the event. I think it is really well prepared! Good work to @loic and his wife, @geraldine!

2. I am really happy that the event gave me the opportunity to network with very interesting people I happen to know online. You will see me talking to them on Twitter today.

3. I like to put a face to a brand so I am really impressed to hear from Instagram, Jamie Oliver, Google (great intro to Google+ and its background and future), CQ Spark, Radian6, Cadbury’s. I am truly unimpressed with Klout.

4. I am really happy that wifi – considering a number of attendees – was fairly stable. I was however really disappointed with Storify, mainly their iPad app (no way to take notes, it’s not stable enough).

I was taking it easy today and listened more than taking notes, but you will find most of the points I took today in my tweets below (I will evaluate on those in my future posts in more detail). More to come tomorrow!;)


  • Shannon Johnson

    Thanks for mentioning us and aggregating some of Madlen's (@madleeeen) tweets here, Sylwia! Looks like LeWeb London was an info-packed blast. Cheers!Shannon JohnsonCommunity Manager, Salesforce Radian6@shannopop

  • Sylwia Presley

    Thank you for your comment, Shannon! It was a great event and good opportunity to talk to your team – staying impressed and inspired by your work!

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