Getting old together


I think about getting older a lot these days. Sometimes I feel I have lived a million years and many lives already. But then I think it’s not just my life I feel…I spent a few days in Warsaw watching and talking to other women. Women who love and women who loved. Women who are loved and who were loved once. Women who make really difficult choices – all of which are necessary for survival, but something more than that: for living their life fully. Some stories are good, others sad, but they are all connected by one theme: the underlying love not for men but for life itself. Whether it is there or missing they all measure their personal happiness in terms of their own ability to fulfil their own potential to live, provide, plan but also feel the life fully. It’s a grounding exercise to go back to Poland. Each time I go I become more of myself. I see the life sharper, clearer which is not to say I become more practical or pragmatic. Quite the opposite – I find the need to connect with other women who dare. Dare to feel, to seek, to dream more. I hope that as I grow older I will find my way back to those benches where we sit down and share the passion for love – reminding ourselves that life is more than just a great label, a smooth style or a great job. It’s so much more than that.

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