DEC Syria Q&A

I have to admit it was a bit awkward to get excited about the location of this event (I really loved the views from the BT tower this morning) because the Q&A session was dedicated to DEC Syria appeal. I am really impressed to see so many leading NGO’s working together towards better conditions for Syrian refugees, kids and women but also generally – working together! Just seeing all of their representatives sitting together and responding to our questions in such a collaborative manner was a huge privilege! I have collected notes in the Storify below and I remain impressed with the great work done in Syria. I do encourage you to support the appeal because from what I could see this morning not only that these people CARE but they have the contingency, processes and consistent approach to tackling the rather overwhelming amount of work. The least we can do is help them with the resources (You can donate on the appeal site or by calling 0370 60 60 900 or texting DEC to 70000 to give £5 – which will save at least ONE LIFE)! 

Here are the panelists from today once again: DEC Chief Executive, Saleh Saeed; British Red Cross – Julia Brothwell, Disaster Response Programme manager; Christian Aid – Oliver Pearce, Middle East officer; Oxfam – Nigel Timmins, Deputy Humanitarian Director; Save the Children – Andrew Walker, Emergencies Journalist; World Vision – Justin Byworth, Chief Executive.

Thank you to ActionAid UK for the invitation!

(to watch the entire discussion go over to the appeal site here)

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