Celebrating Child Sponsorship with ActionAid UK

It’s child sponsorship week this week (#CSWeek on Twitter) so ActionAid is celebrating their work and engaging with on-line audiences to raise awareness around the work they do in this particular area of fundraising. I like this nonprofit simply because it opened up to bloggers and asked for our support in sharing their stories. I do not see this type of open work with bloggers often – I think it is still rare. So I am their strong advocate! I think the ladies working around blogger events do a great job of actually listening to our feedback and getting involved.

So this week you might see a few leading mum bloggers mentioning child sponsorship. I love the fact that in the UK we are celebrating so many causes. My son comes back from school almost every week with a deeper understanding of help and support, compassion. This week I will talk to him about child sponsorship.

The reason I like ActionAid UK’s work is their wise attitude to promotion – putting a face to the donation, which makes us feel all more personal about the help we are providing. Working with celebrities to raise awareness and exposure of their brand. And finally, most importantly tackling the issues of poverty at the local level, wisely investigating WHY kids are poor! Obviously, our money will not go directly to one particular child but if it would – would it help? What we all want to see is that the developing areas will grow in their own independence, self-sustainability, education and with our help provide their kids with best possible conditions to shape their own future.

Here, in the UK, we sponsor a child. As symbolic as it sounds, we do get in touch with one particular member of the community and we get to build that bond which makes the relationship personal, emotional and ever so rewarding. So if you want to help, do donate or simply spread the word! Thank you!

Big hug to the fellow mum bloggers for getting involved:

  1. Frenchyummymummy
  2. Coffeeandvanilla
  3. Perfectingpru
  4. Helloitsgemma

And thank you to every single person who supports this cause!

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