A good book on bereavement

Preparing for my first college assignment – book review – and I chose this one. This book means so much to me. I picked it up based on its cover the day I finished by bereavement counselling course and felt fully equipped to face death – my own, of course, because that’s what you need to help people carry their grief. I had no idea what this book is about. Read it on the train and bus and sobbed all the way back to Bristol, not carrying much about people watching me. It moved me deeply (in a good way) back then and today as I read it again and cried too. There is no way one can read it without crying and without leaning something critical about life. No better day to do this than today. The fact that her war hammer is named after a great Polish-American baseball player from Pennsylvania just added to the mix of serendipity today. If you can, read it. Everyone should read it to understand loss.

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