Twixtmas Day 5 – Do something for your future: my New Year Eve’s statement

As you probably know, this blog is my investment as much of a private journal, as an investment in my own future. Last year I decided to post more on social media, this year I am trying to move on to sharing all the understanding of it (in hopefully regular weekly updates), in attending more events and by networking with more and more experienced professionals in areas of my interest: activism, social media for a change, traditional marketing, ethics and transparency. I have decided to change my path and take what I have now to the next level. I will spend more time with my family as I will probably work most of the time from home, however, I know I will invest more energy in work as such because I think by delivering solutions in a fruitful matter one can learn a great deal. At the same time I am not allowing myself with a large margin for mistakes. I believe in education, knowledge and skills, in good strategic solutions, hard work on the way and reactive, proactive thinking next to the creative approach – which, OK, stays in the core of what I do – combined with experience, of course. I hope to finalize my studies at Oxford College of Marketing this year, to gain a new perspective on social media marketing I was working in for 3 years. I hope I will get a chance to get involved in more projects related to governmental transparency, as well as take Barcamp Transparency UK to the next, European level. I know now that I will organise the Twestival Oxford and I hope that the event planned for March will at least double our previous success, but also teach me few more lessons on fund-raising. My voluntary activities will have to develop as well, but I think I will take it step by step – and I do not have a definite strategy, apart from a lot of sources I can learn from passively. I do intend to post about it on this blog;)

As for the blog, I am self hosting it now, which looks like a small step, but was actually a big decision for me. Somehow I considered free engines more flexible solutions that an own .com domain. Today, as the perception of paid in social media world develops, I grow accustomed to my own paid space. It was a small step which required a little bit of study on technicalities, but I think I have surprised myself there. I was also exposed to great generosity of my friends on the way!:) Thank you all for that! I have been re-thinking the way I write this blog for quite a few weeks, and I think I know where I want to take it for the next 12 months, so if you happen to be my regular reader you will see more structured content, and I hope you will enjoy it. The more I get involved in social media consultancy, the closer it gets to my passions, so I need to separate them somehow. I am hoping to leave most of my private topics for the Polish blog, and here focus on writing about others, instead of starting each sentence with ‘I’. I want this to be the virtual version of my Moleskine holding all the crazy ideas I happen to have, but also some of the learnings too;) I also hope to meet a lot of people who will challenge my beliefs!

As for the rest, well, I intend to have more fun and spend more time with my friends. This took a bit of arranging my life in such a way that I actually have more time for myself – and at the end of the day is crucial for the harmony I always strive to achieve in my life. Thank you to everyone who made it happen in 2009!:)




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