I am a senior social media and digital wellbeing

counsellor, coach, consultant and trainer


Voxel Hub – Digital Wellbeing Hub

“Be well in the digital age.”

Since 2004 I have been helping individuals, organisations and brands
articulate their stories with the help of the social web
and find humanity in the digital age.

My work in more detail:
I am a personal adviser, coach and counsellor working with individuals wishing to identify, plan and develop their digital wellbeing goals. I am supporting clients in understanding the growing range of choices related to their online activities and in making decisions benefiting their personal careers and wellbeing.
I am a word-of-mouth marketer advising nonprofits and commercial brands on informed, realistic, sustainable digital strategies. I help organisations and brands develop sustainable digital wellbeing strategies.
I offer a wide range of services, so please take a moment to learn more about my experience, but also check out the testimonials from my past and current clients. I am always happy to chat about digital wellbeing and social media, so feel free to get in touch for an initial consultation.


Blogging, digital journalism, social media – since 2004
International business support – since 2005
Social media & digital marketing consultancy – since 2007
Photo exhibitions and photography commissions – since 2007
Digital ethics and ethical non-for-profit support – since 2008
Event organising and public speaking – since 2009
Business development and strategy – since 2010
Business & digital wellbeing coaching – since 2011
Startups and business leadership coaching – since 2012
Digital resilience and wellbeing, digital family coaching – since 2014
Video documentaries and transmedia reporting – since 2014
Active listening and counselling support – since 2017

I practice what I preach. I am a blogger passionate about digital and wellbeing. I take visual notes about my hobbies: coffee and allotment gardening. I record inspiring moments in my personal photo notebook.

I am a founder of BarcampNFP and BigosUK . 

You can email me at sylwia@sylwiakorsak.com or talk to me on TwitterFacebookLinkedInPinterest and Instagram. 
“The Tree of Life”, Wales, UK, 2019