I am a senior social media and digital wellbeing

counsellor, coach, consultant and trainer


Voxel Hub – Digital Wellbeing Hub

“Be well in the digital age.”

Since 2004 I have been helping individuals, organisations and brands
articulate their stories with the help of the social web
and find humanity in the digital age.

Hello. Welcome, and thank you for considering my support. I am a qualified integrated counsellor and coach experienced in supporting people with: relationship difficulties, self-esteem, low mood, anxiety, depression, bereavement, eco-anxiety, workplace and activist burnout, digital wellbeing challenges, technophobia, online and sexual abuse, addictions, stigma, social exclusion and isolation, identity-based violence and other forms of oppression or discrimination. Liberation work means that I bring in a wide range of psychological approaches centred around your safety, choices and empowerment. Your agency is my priority.
I am an experienced liberation practitioner offering online and Virtual Reality (VR) counselling and coaching for various life challenges. I offer traditional mental health support and specialise in digital wellbeing (negative tech bias, digital fatigue, online abuse, geek discrimination, addictive behaviours). I am a certified VR counsellor & coach.
I worked for leading counselling charities: Cruse, Mind, OTR Bristol, SWAN Project, Changes and now Kinergy. I deliver a course on liberation psychologies for Iron Mill College of Counselling in Exeter. I’m a member and follow the ethical guidelines of the BACP, Institute of Leadership and Management and EMMC Global.
I currently offer online counselling and coaching: 1 session, 6 sessions or 24 sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis.
  • FREE 30 min initial consultation
  • £50 for 50 min
  • £60 for 60 min
  • £75 for 60 min with VR
Clients receive access to free digital wellbeing self-assessment, free online resources, and affordable training on my website.


I offer a wide range of services, so please take a moment to learn more about my experience, but also check out the testimonials from my past and current clients. I am always happy to chat about digital wellbeing and social media, so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Blogging, digital journalism, social media – since 2004
International business support – since 2005
Social media & digital marketing consultancy – since 2007
Photo exhibitions and photography commissions – since 2007
Digital ethics and ethical non-for-profit support – since 2008
Event organising and public speaking – since 2009
Business development and strategy – since 2010
Business & digital wellbeing coaching – since 2011
Startups and business leadership coaching – since 2012
Digital resilience and wellbeing, digital family coaching – since 2014
Video documentaries and transmedia reporting – since 2014
Active listening and counselling support – since 2017

I practice what I preach. I am a blogger passionate about digital and wellbeing. I take visual notes about my hobbies: coffee and allotment gardening. I record inspiring moments in my personal photo notebook.

I am a founder of BarcampNFP and BigosUK . 

You can email me at sylwia@sylwiakorsak.com or talk to me on TwitterFacebookLinkedInPinterest and Instagram. 
“The Tree of Life”, Wales, UK, 2019