Social Media

  • Social media strategy advice

  • Social media policy advice

  • First steps with social media for your business or personal brand

  • Managing personal vs branded social channels

  • Taking your social media competence to the next level

  • Productivity advice for advanced social media activities

  • Content planning

  • Content production (see reporting section)

  • Content positioning and aggregation

  • Word of mouth audits and recommendations

  • Working with brand ambassadors

  • Working with event bloggers

  • Social media trainings

  • Social media reporting and analytics


  • Wordpress website design

  • Branding advice for websites

  • Content architecture advice for websites

  • Social media integration advice for websites

  • Setting up and starting your blog

  • Data recovery and new website built (for clients who lost their website support or worked with unreliable consultants)

  • Technology coaching (for those who think that tech is one step too far)

  • Team and individuals trainings


  • Event photography with Share Alike Licence (you can use it across all social media channels)

  • Video production – citizen recordings and studio, edited filming

  • Podcasting and online radio broadcasting

  • Video and audio interviews

  • Live blogging

  • Live tweeting/social media coverage

  • Social media visuals

  • Infographics

  • Event coverage in multiple social channels

  • Content aggregation – collecting all posts from your event

  • Event reports 

Personal social media advisor and coach

Most of my clients are new to social media and often feel a little bit overwhelmed with it. Some businesses simply don’t want to deal with social media marketing, others prefer to outsource it. Very often business owners approach me after a very disappointing experience with so called ‘social media guru’s’ who charged them huge fees for short projects and left without any positive long-term impact on business. It is often my past clients who suggest my services to their contacts in need of reliable adviser. 

My personal consultancy is designed for those aspiring and current business owners and leaders who wish to understand the underlying principles of social media and general digital technologies to make it work for them and their organisations. If you are looking for a quick win or wish to be impressed with a shiny, expensive package and promise of success – you are in the wrong place.

Social media works as extension of who we are – as individuals and as teams, as small organisations and complex, global brands. Very few success right here, right now – and they probably have worked for that online for years anyway.

I help people and businesses who wish to shape their own path and make a long standing, positive impact on their stakeholders with good quality products, services, operations. I help them find tools, ambassadors and right stories to engage with relevant online readers out there. I help them shape digital goals and invest time in smart, long-term solutions. 

I have used social media actively since 2004. I have worked in social media industry since 2006. One key learning from both areas is that we must learn to manage social media activities pro-actively and never give up learning new things. Change is often scary but the impact of learning digital is empowering. With the right support my clients gains confidence to make informed choices about simple daily posts but also about complex social media campaigns and personal career choices. 

My personal consultancy combines areas of personal coaching, mentoring and supportive advice – please see the model below for more details. 



So if that’s you, what do you need to prepare for?

I will be taking you on a journey from your current relationship with tech & social media; guiding you through the process of gradual but assertive, confident and sustainable embracing of tech, online content and relationship management to the point where you don’t rely on ‘social media gurus’ but instead are able to make wise choices about social media and tech. You will learn, reflect, decide and commit. I will equip you with crucial skills and teach you to ask the right questions about social media and tech.

(I do not have dedicated menus and packages – I think this area needs to be highly personalised. For really affordable, personalised programme adjusted to your needs, contact me directly to discuss, please.)



Sylwia is both a wonderful person and an outstanding expert in social media. She is mentoring several people inside the organization and has run social media training events also for invited guests of the IEC. Sylwia is a valued member of the social media team of the IEC where she provides hands-on support, posting and blogging on topics that best illustrate our activities.
I warmly recommend Sylwia to any company who is looking for outstanding social media mentoring and support.

Gabriela Ehrlich, Global Head of Marketing & Communications at IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)

Sylwia is passionate about social media/tech, ethics, social problems and learning more on new cultures. Her work at Global Voices is very inspiring and her capacity to develop genuine relationships is exceptional. If you’re looking for a multi-langual and talented marketing professional, she’s the right person for you!

Lilian Mahoukou, Employer Brand Social Strategist at Disneyland Paris

Sylwia has been such a positive, creative and hard-working member of Global Voices, using both her personal interests and professional skills to support our online community of influential bloggers around the world. She led the development of our Polish website and translator community, and has branched out to writing posts and social media strategy development.

Solana Larsen, Managing Editor at Global Voices

Sylwia is the perfect mix of attention to details and attention to human relationship. She is a natural born leader. She is professional yet knows how to connect and motivate by using gentle persuasion and intelligently balanced psychology.
Prompt, eager to assist, patient and ever willing to listen – it has been an immense pleasure working with and learning from such a dynamic, talented, curious and humble spirit.

Sondre Durand, External Lecturer at ESSEC Business School

Sylwia’s deep and broad understanding of social media allows her to tailor her service to her clients individual needs. As well as this she has been friendly and supportive throughout my journey so far. I have a lot to thank her for.

Emma Summerscales, blogger, fashion designer, stylist, planner & project manager

When you are with Sylwia you know that you are with a real expert and yet she is also very approachable and a generally wise human being. Working with Sylwia may well have been the difference between success and failure for launching my new career in writing.

Summer Bourne, Campervan Cookie Blog Founder

Sylwia has a breadth of skills and experience. She’s an excellent social media strategist and marketeer – one of the best that I’ve met. She also makes digital technology simple. She’s a passionate advocate for and supporter of women in technology. She’s an outstanding mentor, teacher and coach.

Linda Baines, Post doctoral researcher, Southampton Business School, University of Southampton

Sylwia has been an excellent consultant to my work in Wantage as a Singing Teacher on several occasions from designing my business website and set/up to advising me about Social Media, promoting student performances in local festivals and media and assisting them and myself to be more knowledgeable about communicating through social media. She is an invaluable resource to the community as well as an excellent coach she also a very interesting and inspiring person to work with. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone with a community project or that wants to promote an event, design a business website or start their own blog!

Sarah Hobbs, Soprano-Singing Teacher

Sylwia and the team created a Digital guide and mentoring service to The Prince’s Charities. A huge thank you for your support and guidance as we develop our services.

Catherine Woodhead, Director of Development and Skills at Prince's Foundation for Building Community