“For me, the photography, in its purest form, is a variant of the fable. Another way of saving the appearances – a way of signifying, through this fabulous capture, that this supposed “real” world is always about to loose its meaning and its reality, that it actually could do without meaning and reality (but we can hardly face this hypothesis, no more than that there might be nothing rather than something). Some few images may be this ideal place, or non-place, where the concepts disintegrate and we are free of the servitude of knowledge and information – but images which at the same time retrace and celebrate this final state of things, in the same way that myths celebrate and retrace our origins and the original murder of the reality.”

Jean Baudrillard



Photography is my way of expression when all other means fail, when I run out of words. I am convinced that art is magic and it is capable of miracles.  As an observer I make simple, little statements.

I was born in 1978 in Brzeg Dolny, Poland. At the age of 18 I won a scholarship and moved to Budapest. There I have studied at ELTE University on Hungarian Major and American Studies. I have also finished German Major in Czestochowa, in Poland, with teacher’s degree. After several small jobs during studies and graduation I have worked for NOKIA Poland and TATA Hungary. On the 30th of January my son, Dawid was born. In April 2006 we have moved to the UK. I worked for the first UK word of mouth agency, 100heads, and I saw it grow. I have moved to a new startup and now work as an independent social media adviser. I live with my dear son and my husband in Wantage, Oxfordshire.

I have started taking photos as a young girl. My father was my first, quite crucial teacher, and I am very grateful for that. I have worked mainly on the non-profit basis for different organisations and smaller projects. At the moment I only accept commissions from my friends, clients and charities in need – so please contact me with relevant photo engagements only.

Since 2007 I am exhibiting my works in galleries and working on one-to-one commissions.

Please contact me for more information about my photographic packages.


Photo by Lucyna Konecka

Past Exhibitions:

2007, June: “Signs” – Jam Factory, Oxford, UK (solo debut exhibition)

2008, May: “Steps“/”Oxford Art Fair” – Oxford Castle, UK (joint exhibition)

2008, May: ”Sea Land“/”Appleton Art” – Appleton, Oxfordshire, UK (joint exhibition)

2009, April: “South’s Artweek Taster Exhibition” – Cornerstones, Didcot, UK (joint exhibition)

2009, May: “Flowers” – Wantage, UK (solo exhibition)

2009, October: “Made In Oxford” – Oxford, UK (joint exhibition)

2013, March: “Landscapes” – Wantage, Vale & Downland Museum (solo exhibition)

2013, May: “My works” – Oxford Artweeks – Wantage, UK (solo exhibition)

2014, May:”My works” – Oxford Artweeks – Wantage Tales (solo exhibition)

2014, November: ‘Wantage Tales Art’, Vale & Downland Museum (solo exhibition, mixed media, video installation).