Little coffee review

The Little’s are producers of specialty coffee distributed across the UK through deli supermarkets and small businesses and I am really happy that I can across their products on our local farm. I admire their dedication to their “small” business. I think they have a great website (I am sorry, as a social media marketer I am biased;)) and social media channels (it’s always good to connect with producers of our food, don’t you think?). Here’s a bit from their site:

Our journey started over 25 years ago in Finland where husband and wife team Henry and Leila Little first conceived the idea of starting an American influenced artisan coffee roastery. Finland? American style coffee? Yes, Leila is a Finnish national, and Henry an American student who was studying in Scandinavia when the two met. Their plan was to get everyone drinking better coffee, by using carefully sourced beans roasted in an artisan way. Although small at first, their plan started to gather momentum, and by the early nineties they were standing toe to toe with some of Scandinavia’s most prolific coffee roasters – somewhat of a David and Goliath scenario, you could say. By 1995 the pair decided that it was time to broaden their horizons and take their idea to greener pastures, and so in August 1995 Henry and Leila, along with their two children moved to England.

I also love the paragraph on roasting:

We roast our coffee at our small, Devon-based factory on an old German drum roaster. This machine is a beast. It looks like something out of a Jules Verne novel and it’s a hot, fire spitting, noisy, lumbering old thing. It has got one good trait though, it roasts coffee really well. In fact we think (as do many experts) that it’s one of the best roasting machines ever built. It’s operated by Henry who has tamed this intimidating beast over the past 25 years, and with him at the helm we can roast delicious coffee time after time. There are no automatic controls or computers; he simply uses his intuition, senses and experience to coax out all the intrinsic flavours inside each bean.

I tried two of their products, Cafe Amaretto instant coffee (in a small jar, so at home) and Bourbon flavoured instant coffee in small sachets, perfect for travel.  I know that coffee geeks might be entirely against instant coffee but I enjoyed it!

My rating:

  • aroma: 7/10
  • acidity: 5/10
  • body: 5/10
  • flavour/aftertaste 7/10
  • overall rating: 3/5 stars


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