Lavazza Espresso Coffee Beans – Review

Lavazza Espresso coffee beans truly remind me of Venice and our usual small espresso drinks in dark, yet not gloomy but warm and very local cafes. It is exactly Lavazza taste that reminds me of Italy no matter where I am. I am really happy that I can now purchase Lavazza coffee beans in my local store because it’s a perfect choice for rainy days, especially when I am working from home and miss company. I close my eyes and remember student days of small cafes, chats, cheers and random stories. I think this one is good for all coffee lovers, but be careful, it’s quite acidic – make sure you have a small glass of water with it too.

We are planning a week in Italy this summer and if you can, do visit it too! There is no coffee experience like Lavazza in Venice;)

My rating:

  • aroma: 9/10
  • acidity: 9/10
  • body: 9/10
  • flavour/aftertaste 9/10
  • overall rating: 5/5 stars


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