Here is the list of our Wantage Summer Festival events and ticketing pages:

  1. Minecraft Literature – Grove Library June 27, 2016 at 5pm – 6pm – tickets here
  2. Minecraft Literature – Wantage Library June 17, 2016 at 6pm – 7pm – tickets here
  3. Wantage in Minecraft – Grove Library  June 13, 2016 at 4pm – 5pm – tickets here
  4. Wantage in Minecraft – Wantage Library June 20, 2016 at 4pm – 5pm – tickets here
  5. Wantage LEGO® Exhibition – Vale & Downland Museum – tickets here
  6. Minecraft Day  – Toy Planet Collectors  – just join us on the day

Join us!

Wantage Pixel Club is dedicated to promotion of heritage (past), creativity (present) and innovation (future) of local community. Our goal is to provide time, space and opportunities for various community groups and individuals to come together, establish a dialogue and collaborate.

We have chosen one particular, currently rather popular game, Minecraft (sometimes called a new, virtual LEGO), because we believe that it can serve as a great tool, a flexible platform for many of our projects and for many generations too. We aim to achieve our goals by running Minecraft themed courses for children, activities for young people and informal sessions for grown ups. We are interested in other video and traditional games too! 

We organise and participate in local events promoting tech, science, arts and other crucial aspects of local.

We are not officially associated with Mojang & Microsoft, companies selling Minecraft licences. We ask our members to purchase their own Minecraft licenses and follow the rules of the game accordingly to its original design. Our activities reach beyond the game itself though – we use it simply as our theme.

We often work offline, expand our general knowledge and share our experience to ensure that our participants gain valuable life skills. We teach our members to focus their time in the game and online on pro-active building and creation, not passive consumption of content. Team work, mutual respect and team ethos are very important to us. We treat all children and grown ups with equal respect, expect them all to take responsibility for their online and offline behaviour. We open dialogue about consequences of their actions and suggest best practices and habits. We believe that this is the most sustainable approach to safe Internet practice and responsible online gaming.  We make sure our sessions are also a lot of fun!

I feel it’s a great club for children to learn construction techniques, Internet safety and etiquette, conflict resolution and most of all to have fun.  – Parent