Ethiopia Sidamo, Zabu Cofee – review

I LOVE IT! It’s so good I cannot have more than 3 cups of espresso each day. So good! Now, you need to know that I really, really love heavy, intense, bitter but not acidic coffees so if you do follow my recommendations keep that in mind. It’s a very strong type of coffee beans and deserves a special place on my shelf. I was really sad to see my small 227g pack of Zabu Coffee go! It was very special. I met a coffee farmer born in Ethiopia once – most of what I know about coffee farming I have learned from his few hours of sessions and I will never forget his words: “Real coffee comes only from Ethiopia”. Well, of course, it’s subjective but I think that the more I taste various types of beans, beans of different geographical origin, I do like African coffees the most. But my journey has just started so I am yet to discover so much more and back up my opinions a bit later. For now, I am testing Zabu’s monthly deliveries and I am really happy with their choices of monthly features.

My rating:

  • aroma: 9/10
  • acidity: 5/10
  • body: 9/10
  • flavour/aftertaste 9/10
  • overall rating: 5/5 stars




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  1. I’m delighted you love this coffee – we do too! We have had such a great response from customers that this coffee is now fully established within our range. Whilst we select a different coffee of the month for our customers to try, if you do find a coffee that you love you can arrange to have it always included in your deliveries (as an extra or replace one of the other two bags). Our service is totally flexible so please give us a call on 0800 298 2211 or send an email to customerservice@zabucoffee.co.uk and we’ll make it happen.
    Elaine – Zabu Coffee

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