Podcast on WOM Marketing

Just decided to browse for some audio shizzle (no Colin, not STUFF, but SHIZZLE;)) found interview with Walter Carl, buzz marketing specialist, as a podcast...
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Twitter ettiquette

I was just wondering – is there any? Are we expected to start following all of our followers? Is it bad if I have the...
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Online ethics in 2003

I have found this interesting code of online ethics here…posted in 2003, but if you check the comments you will see that already then bloggers...
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Appleton Art

It was so much fun to join the opening last night! Appleton is a charming village and the place of the exhibition turned into a magical...
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In between two events

My small exhibit in Oxford ArtFair proved to be a great program for that weekend. We had so much fun with Dawid! He made it...
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Polish web

Thanks to Robin, I got to read this cool article with a ranking of the most popular websites used by UK-based Poles. Interesting, how it truly...
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