Anne Leibovitz on photography

I have just read “Anne Leibovitz at Work”. I think I can relate to her relationship to photography: “Yeas before it ever occurred to me that one could...
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Learning from the best

I have spent last week on holidays in my own garden. Actually, I was learning basics and tricks of traditional photography from Wojtek Korsak  Polish photographer...
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I lived in Budapest for 9 years so every stone of this city carries a memory. It’s nice to go back and re-discover most of...
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Venice, Italy

Venice, Murano, Italy…I have no words…just images…

Ansel Adams exhibition in London

I love his work for photographers and his amazing contribution to landscape photography!  So happy I could visit his show in London!

Exhibitions: Landscapes

My next exhibition will be hosted in Vale & Downland Museum in Wantage. I have collected 20 pictures taken during my business travels in the...
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Year 2012

 …was full of discoveries, sorrows, happiness and fun!