After few days in Bristol, I feel like I really want to move there now. People are very direct and friendly – lean into each...
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On death and bereavement

It’s those simple situations that show me signs of next steps. I have already decided to apply and, if possible, to participate in the bereavement¬†support...
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Canva notes from my first year

Tonight I am finishing the first year of counselling studies. It has been a very enlightening journey which answered my initial question from last September:...
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On Brexit again

Two days after Asha’s departure, as if it was a reward gift from gods for everything we’ve done for her, I have received a letter...
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So UK is leaving the EU, the Article 50 was triggered. I should be really worried and sad. But I am OK. There are two...
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School of Life

It’s slowly the end of spring and I am preparing for the end of my first year of counselling studies. As I am planning my...
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