The positivity ratio

Today I have learned more about positivity ratio and ordered Fredericton’s two books to catch up on more of her studies of positive psychology. I noticed...
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Positive psychology

I have paid for the Positive Psychology course on Coursera now to get a diploma so I need to finish it by 18.09. It’s good...
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Studies with my friend

My closest friend, Krysia, is studying counselling for children so I am happy we will be studying pals!:) It was really nice to visit her...
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Freud, hello again!

Today was all about Freud. It’s nice to be back with him and refresh my knowledge about psychoanalysis. In creating psychoanalysis, Freud developed therapeutic techniques...
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Listening skills in practice

I spent two hours yesterday reading the Introduction to Counselling by John McLeod – the chapter on the history of counselling as a profession both in...
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My new journey begins

And so it begins. I have finally decided to study counselling – returning to psychology after over 10 years of doing other things.  I feel...
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