The Examined Life

“The Examined Life, How We Lose and Find Ourselves” by Stephen Grosz is therapy at its essence and I thoroughly¬†enjoyed it! Grosz is a smart...
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Bereavement stories

In my series of Christmas reads on death and bereavement I have also picked up a few books with real stories of bereavement. I think...
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Bereavement work – books

Today I would like to recommend three books with practical tips on how to approach bereavement – our own or someone else’s. “The essential guide...
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Option B

I read a lot of books about bereavement recently, but this one stands out for the obvious reason: I work in social media so I...
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On words – death

I am back to reading about bereavement and revising before the end of my Cruse course this January. Today I am researching the word “death”...
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It’s my Nameday today which means I am celebrating the meaning of my first name. The importance of this day is close to my heart...
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Grief and closure

The first thing I got wrong about grief is closure. In bereavement, there is no such thing. There is the process. There is gradual healing....
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VIA Character Strengths

Something really interesting has happened to me this week. I prepared three out of four assignments for my course now, at its very early stage...
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