Voter Power Index

Voter Power Index is a site launched by the New Economics Foundation to help us decide on our referendum vote on the 5th of May....
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Kids and passwords

I am so proud of my son! He finally understood the importance of personal passwords! Today for second or third time Dawid turned his head...
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Oxford Twestival

Oxford Twestival became a part of my life now, but last Thursday I have realised something very important: the people who created Twestival in Oxford...
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Activism vs. Slactivism

Tom Steinberg from on Egyptian Revolution It was a good event. And I do not feel so good after many events nowadays…it was an...
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Let’s talk about anger!

This post is a response to ActionAid UK’s call for bloggers to support their Get Lippy campaign. Tonight we will talk about ANGER. Esther, as...
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