January 2018


“Jesus!” Luke exclaimed. “Actually, it’s just me,” said Simon. “Although I’ve been told the resemblance is startling.” Cassandra Clare

Kurs zaliczony

No i jest zrobiony kurs. Szkoda mi bardzo, że to już ostatni weekend jazdy do Oksfordu aby spotkać się z tak wspaniała grupą! Każda osoba na...
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The Examined Life

“The Examined Life, How We Lose and Find Ourselves” by Stephen Grosz is therapy at its essence and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Grosz is a smart...
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On art

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” Banksy

On Facebook

So it’s time to comment on Facebook’s changes marking (for many) the first signs of the social media bubble bursting. Most of my clients and...
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Bereavement stories

In my series of Christmas reads on death and bereavement I have also picked up a few books with real stories of bereavement. I think...
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Bereavement work – books

Today I would like to recommend three books with practical tips on how to approach bereavement – our own or someone else’s. “The essential guide...
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