Interview with Latte Art artist, Michael Breach

I was recently approached with the offer of interviewing Michael Breach, a coffee artist posting his latte artworks over on Tumblr and I think it’s quite a good opportunity to find about about a person with a completely different approach to coffee than me! Here it is:

Disclosure: I was asked to mention Michael’s current Facebook project with NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto in exchange for this interview. 

S: How did you discover your passion for latte art?


M: I discovered my passion for it when I realised there was an audience for it. The more good feedback I got the more I strived to make it better and better. I like the energy I started getting from positive feedback. When I started the first ones only got 20-30 likes but the better I got the more feedback I got. It’s also a very peaceful thing to do, it clears my mind. When I’m doing it it’s the only thing I think about, whatever else is going on in my life.

S: When did you start blogging?

M: I started blogging January 2012

S: Did blogging and posting images of your work online change your life and if so, how?

I wouldn’t say it changed my life but it definitely gave me motivation with people liking and commenting. Its kept me going through jobs, but you would be surprised how many coffee shops don’t like it. It is more accepted in the art and photography world rather than the coffee world. People keeping me motivated online is amazing, 25,000 people have a larger voice than the naysayers!

S: What is your favourite picture drawn on latte? 

M: This is a hard one… I like the first John Lennon I did. It’s the first time I started connecting multiple techniques.

S: Who inspires you?

M: It sounds weird but there’s a scene in Willy Wonka where he says “of course it doesn’t make sense, its candy!” I feel like that about coffee!

S: What are three things you admire in people?

M: Creativity, integrity and sticking with something. Be solid, know who you are and what you want.

S: If you could have a live coffee drawing session with a model and could work with any celebrity or even a historical figure from the past or fiction novel – who would it be?

M: I would do a coffee portrait of Dorian Grey. The coffee would get older and I would stay the same!

S: Finally, what would you advise to all aspiring artists out there?

M: Stick with what you do no matter what anyone says.

Michael Breach is currently the ‘NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto brand ambassador for the Mini You campaign over at www.facebook.com/NESCAFEDolceGusto fan page. If you like Facebook engagement projects I think this one is pretty sweet – you can have your profile photo transformed into latte art!;)


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